“The container that Lindsay facilitates is one of the clearest I have experienced with a healer. Her laser sharp intuition skillfully guided her, within one session, to get to the core of issues I have spent years working through. With the aid of her eclectic tool box of flower essences, muscle testing, card deck readings and Theta healing, Lindsay navigated the subtle landscape of my subconscious to arrive at the methods that worked best for me. Lindsay reminded me of my soul purpose and my reason for being on this planet. She guided me back to my core identity as a healer. I would recommend anyone to schedule a session with her.”

~ Nessa Lee • Herbalist & Body Worker • Waking Vine Holistics • Grass Valley, CA



“I was in the process of completing a 2 year book writing project when I came to Lindsay for support. As I was nearing the deadline to deliver the finished book to my editor I was experiencing increased stress and overwhelm. It was my intention to birth this legacy project in the highest levels of consciousness and love. Working with Lindsay supported me in connecting to my soul, remembering my truth and release the underlying invisible stressors so I could return to work in peace and joy. During our session I felt relief as Lindsay was able to recognize the false beliefs that were interrupting my creative process and assisted me in releasing them. I believe awareness is the key ingredient to healing and after we brought the invisible stressors to light I could move forward more easily on the days that followed our session. One of the greatest gifts of working with Lindsay was that we were able to work remotely and I felt as if she was right by my side. This was the best gift of self-care I could have given to myself. I recommend working with Lindsay as she is truly a divine spirit who’s gentle, loving and wise.”

~ Danielle Randall • Author, Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach • Vero Beach, FL



“Lindsay McLemore is an intuitive and insightful healer. She is gifted in her ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter. I was going through a time in my life where I felt like the rug was pulled out from under me and I was uncertain and confused about how to move forward. My session with Lindsay brought me great clarity and helped me to become more aware of some of the places in my body that were shut down and needed more of my attention. The different modalities and tools she used in my session were perfectly attuned to what I needed. Lindsay has a gentle voice and a gentle presence that is soothing and I was able to deeply relax and fully trust her guidance. My session with her helped me renew my sense of self empowerment. I came to remember the power of my body’s inner wisdom to heal itself. Thank you, Lindsay, for being a beacon of light in my time of darkness.”

~ NinaColette Rechany • Singer/Songwriter • Grass Valley, CA


IMG_0083“I have been dealing with autoimmune issues which I feel are related to deep emotional wounding. I have been working with healing these very pro-actively for the last ~8 years. Lindsay guided me in a very intuitive, deep theta healing session. She assisted me in understanding the limitlessness of our souls unbounded by our physical form that it is possible to tap into at any time. She helped me continue my communication with my body and the wounds that are showing up in my physical form. The result was direct communication with Spirit. My reality shifted in the fact that I continued to realize my potential in diving into the vast consciousness. Her session helped me understand that my soul can travel anywhere and do anything! It helped open up my mind to the possibilities. I now have had so much fun and a much richer experience as I begin to understand limitlessness! I would definitely recommend Lindsay as a guide to others! She has such beautiful energy that is fun and at the same time incredibly wise. She is comfortable to be around and it is evident how big her heart is. She has amazing gifts to offer this world!”

Shelby Dotsey Stafford • RN, BSN • Colibri Healing • Encinitas, CA


fabian-testimonialI spoke with Lindsay about an upcoming project that I was having some unsure feelings about. I could not for the life of me figure out why. All was well with the work and the partners that where on the project with me…So I thought. That is until I had a Theta and Reiki session with Lindsay. She quickly noted my feelings about the situation, how it was affecting my chi, and my abilities to make sound decisions and act on them properly. We started with Theta and immediately discovered that I had trust issues with one of the business partners. I had known this person for years, my loyalty was stopping me from breaking off the partnership and being more hands on in this particular project. After targeting the issue, Lindsay finished the Theta by removing the blockage and helping me identify direct and swift ways to move the situation in a positive direction. Then she topped it off with a very nice Reiki session. Clearing my chakras and aligning my energy with the goals I set during the Theta. Since my visit with Lindsay I have successfully completed phase one of the project and phase two is coming along famously! I recommend a visit to Lindsay for anyone who may be seeking energy work or spiritual guidance…. She has the true touch of universal love. Thanks Lindsay!”  

~ Fabian Bates • Music Producer • Los Angeles, CA



“I was a part of a group theta healing with Lindsay and it was a powerful experience. The meditation felt so real and with her guidance I was able to unlock some hidden beliefs I didn’t realize I was holding. Her energy and skills are authentic and intuitive. Highly recommend!!”

~ Jessica Coombs • Gypsyheart Health & Wellness • Red Bluff, CA



“I went to Lindsay as part of my spiritual journey as I was trying to work through a lot of past traumas and I had heard about her amazing services from a good friend. I am so glad that I went! Lindsay helped me to feel comfortable right off the bat and genuinely listened to my concerns and was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed. She took me on a spiritual journey that I will never forget and I left feeling so much lighter, happier and ready to take on the world. I highly recommend seeing Lindsay if you have anything you feel you need help with either in your daily life or in your own spiritual journey. She is truly amazing and the experience is incredible.”

~ Tiffany Woodbury • CNA • Grass Valley, CA



“I wasn’t exactly sure why I was going to a Lindsay to begin with. I was feeling very overwhelmed & knew there was something deeper inside of me that needed to be exposed, expressed, and dealt with . In the comfort of her own home she created a magical space where I could tune into my own body, listen & relax. She opened my mind , and my body for a new beginning I was already in the process of creating. She helped me realize the power I have within me to heal myself & move forward. You don’t need to be going through anything or even have anything in particular to get a magical experience. This is definitely a place anyone and everyone can go at any time or space in your life to get more clarity and a different perspective. Open up your heart to Lindsay & connect with your true being!
I’m due for another session ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much Lindsay for sharing all this with everyone. It really is a true blessing.”

~ Melanie Madsen • Nevada City, CA