Fabian Bates

fabian-testimonial“I spoke with Lindsay about an upcoming project that I was having some unsure feelings about. I could not for the life of me figure out why. All was well with the work and the partners that where on the project with me…So I thought. That is until I had a Theta and Reiki session with Lindsay. She quickly noted my feelings about the situation, how it was affecting my chi, and my abilities to make sound decisions and act on them properly. We started with Theta and immediately discovered that I had trust issues with one of the business partners. I had known this person for years, my loyalty was stopping me from breaking off the partnership and being more hands on in this particular project. After targeting the issue she finished the Theta by removing the blockage and helping me identify direct and swift ways to move the situation in a positive direction. Then she topped it off with a very nice Reiki session. Clearing my chakras and aligning my energy with the goals I set during the Theta. Since my visit with Lindsay I have successfully completed phase one of the project and phase two is coming along famously! I recommend a visit to Lindsay for anyone who may be seeking energy work or spiritual guidance…. She has the true touch of universal love. Thanks Lindsay!”