cropped-cropped-Fallcolors-38.jpgLindsay Joy McLemore is a Northern California based Botanist and Intuitive Guide specializing in ThetaHealing® and Flower Essence Therapy. She works with her clients to identify the root causes of dis-ease in the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies. She guides her clients through self-healing by applying a method of both scientific and spiritual wisdoms to identify, release, reprogram, recover, restore and activate the Most High information in their DNA.

Lindsay holds a Bachelor of Science in Botany from the University of Florida. She also attended University of South Florida and Pennsylvania State University for post-graduate research. The focus of her studies included plant genetics, epigenetics, and soil microbiology. She received a Young Botanist of the Year Award in 2010 from the Botanical Society of America for her contribution to the Great Tree of Life Project. Lindsay worked directly with Dr. Doug Soltis as a member of his team at the Laboratory of Molecular Systematics & Evolutionary Genetics from 2008-2010. The information they curated was an essential piece to create this first ever comprehensive family tree based on genetic analysis for all 2.3 million species that have been named on our planet. 

Lindsay participated in a study abroad project in South America where she was introduced to ethnobotany; the scientific study of the traditional knowledge and customs of a people concerning plants and their medical, religious, and other uses. It was during this time that her interests turned devotedly towards spiritual aspects of plants as medicine and indigenous traditions for the application of plants in healing. Over the past 14 years, Lindsay has been dedicated to studying these topics in depth and bridging them with modern alternative healing modalities. She is a certified Instructor of Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® from Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge. You can find out about her upcoming certification classes here. She is also a certified Reiki practitioner of the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage. Lindsay is trained in flower essence therapy, detoxification, superfood nutrition, dream analysis and many different aspects of Ancient Wisdom teachings and Divination techniques. Through her practice she has helped hundreds of people re-identify with their innate wisdom and inherent ability to heal themselves.

Lindsay continues to explore and honor the teachings of our Ancestors and those who have come before us to blaze the trail of transformation and Truth. She recently completed her third year of a traditional Lakota Vision Quest with the support of a sweat lodge community that she’s very active with. Lindsay has been serving the Nevada County area organic soil amendments for the past 6 years as the Founder of Wiggle Works, a worm farm and compost tea company based in Nevada City, CA. She is passionate about organic farming, access to organic food and medicine for all, and creating high quality soil that makes this possible. Healing the Earth through Celtic rituals of moon water has become one of her favorite acts of service. On her YouTube Channel you can find regularly posted tarot readings for each sign of the zodiac. She is also an artist under the name of Little Rain Cloud creating custom children’s nursery paintings and murals. She is currently illustrating her first children’s book as well as an Oracle Card set. Both are coming soon to this site!