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Welcome to elkaweaver, the virtual portal to receive intuitive guidance and re-identify with the essence of who you truly are! Transformation begins the moment you become aware of the imprints, choices and patterns that keep repeating themselves and creating difficulties in your reality. A life full of Joy is waiting for you when you are willing to release them.

My name is Lindsay, I am the owner and intuitive guide at elkaweaver. I know why you are here and I believe that the Creator of all that is has gracefully guided you to this page. If you are feeling drained, disconnected, invisible, hopeless, powerless, insecure, unstable, unsupported, uninspired, codependent or taken advantage of… then it’s time to receive a ridiculously clear snap shot of your internal landscape. None of these feelings are the Truth of who you are.

You know you have a big dream, that the roadmap to fulfilling it is simply foggy. You may have energy leaks that are diminishing the flow of money and healthy relationships, or there may be boundary issues or limitations in your creative process. We all work really hard at making our businesses better, we spend a lot of time and energy on our relations with people we love, and yet we don’t always feel fulfilled. What you can expect to discover here is why you are stuck and how to move boldly forward. When you work with me, you will acquire essential tools that will drastically enhance your quality of life. I’m going to journey with you to the place that holds those specific blocks that are unique to your situation and we are going to transform them together! It is your birthright to be happy and free, to embody love in the full expression of all that you are.

When you are feeling blocked, stuck, confused or overwhelmed in making decisions, this is actually the result of fragmented DNA stuck in your different energy bodies. We each have a physical, mental and spiritual body and memories live as information in the cells they are made of. When past experiences or traumas are not fully resolved, they create stagnation and dis-ease in the body that is storing the memory of them. I believe we all have the inherent power and ability to heal ourselves from these conditions.

I have spent the past 14 years learning techniques which support the clearing of these blockages. You can read more about me and my journey here and you can read what others are saying about their elkaweaver experiences here. I offer readings to my clients where I guide them to remember and access their Power within. During a session patterns that no longer serve you will be brought to light. Once identified, the issue is available to be released and reprogrammed for the highest and best, on every level, in every cell, in a quantum fashion. All that is required from you is a willingness to do so.

Some areas that are explored during a reading include:

• DNA reprogramming
• Reinvigorating areas of bodily tension
• Balancing environmental and nutritional impacts
• Clearing false core belief
• Past life regression
• Reuniting fragmented parts of the Soul
• Igniting the unique gift seeded as your purpose
• Empowering your Free Will
• Communication with Spirit Babies
• Communing with your Spirit Team
• Clearing vows and contracts
• Psychic divorce
• Manifesting healthy relationships
• Manifesting vitality
• Receiving financial abundance and stability & MORE

If you have been struggling to figure out how to shift and you keep hitting the same limitations, you’re likely on the verge of living life at the next level. You are ready for a change and you need some new tools. Are you willing to receive the support you deserve? You don’t have to do it alone. I am here to hold and expand the space to co-create all that is beyond your wildest imaginations. You are your own healer, there is no reason to live in pain. I’m here to be your coach, your friend and your witness while you journey into your fullest potential. The very core of who you are is a Blessing to this world and your gifts are so incredibly essential to humanity! It’s time to shine, dear One. Truth is always the safest place to stand, and I look forward to standing there with you.

~ Aho, Lindsay Joy McLemore • Intuitive Guide at elkaweaver

“…Lindsay’s laser sharp intuition skillfully guided her, in one session, to get to the core of issues I have spent years working through.” ~Nessa Lee

“…One of the greatest gifts of working with Lindsay was that we were able to work remotely and I felt as if she was right by my side.” ~Danielle Randall

“… Lindsay is an intuitive and insightful healer. She is gifted in her ability to cut straight to the heart of the matter.” ~NinaColette Rechany

… I would definitely recommend Lindsay as a guide to others! She has beautiful energy that is fun and at the same time incredibly wise.” ~Shelby Dotsey Stafford

“… I recommend a visit to Lindsay for anyone who may be seeking energy work or spiritual guidance…. She has the true touch of universal love!~Fabian Bates